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First, the Long Island Seed Project is not a seed company:
 Our seeds are produced in very small quantities.  We do not have the ability to provide large quantities of any of the many seed lots that we produce since we don't have the ability to grow, harvest and clean large amounts of seeds except by very low tech and usually time consuming processes involving hand labor.  Most of the varieties and breeding lines we maintain consist of a few ounces of seed or less.  In most cases, we can send out only one packet  of a particular variety per requester.  Essentially, our seed is handcrafted. Also note, most of our seed was not grown out this summer but germination testing shows good viability. We will replace or substitute seed which you do not feel up to standards. Just let us know.

Second, we are not in the business of selling garden seed:
We allow members who purchase seed shares access to a specialized kind of seed bank as a service for plant breeders and experimenters. In fact, most of our seed is not permitted to be sold by the USDA Seed Laws because of the genetic diversity and instability of some of our breeding lines.  We do not always work to maintain variety purity and instead, often create purposeful  genetic diversity (along with the bees) which is still considered a bit of a heresy in the seed trade. When you obtain our seed, you agree to the potential variability of the seed contained in the packet.  Always read our seed descriptions carefully before requesting seed. 

How Home Gardeners Can Obtain Seed:
You can obtain seed of our unique and useful varieties and blends from us by becoming a member of the Long Island Seed Project (you become a member when you purchase Seed Shares).   "Seed Shares"  can be exchanged for seeds.  Each seed share can be exchanged for one variety of seed from our seed list.  For the 2009 season, the following "seed shares" are available :

  One (1) Seed Share-    $5 (share can be traded for 1 variety from our 2009 seed list)

  Five (5) Seed Shares-  $15 (shares can be traded for up to 5 varieties from our 2009 seed list)

    This year due to low seed quantities on hand and limited staff please restrict your ordering to less than 5 (five) seed shares and select your requests for those seeds that you are most interested in working with. We would prefer that you order seeds for your garden needs from a conventional seed company. It's also a good idea to list a substitute selection in case we can't supply what you need.

    You can use the PayPal buttons above which allows you to use your credit card or PayPal account to pay for Seed Shares.  After you press the Paypal button, you will be transferred to the secure PayPal site to fill out the required information and once your payment has been accepted by PayPal you will usually be relayed to our ordering page so that you can e-mail us your request for seed immediately.  In some cases; I am told, you will not be redirected back to our site- so you will have to e-mail your seed request to me ( I am always notified by paypal immediately whenever they have processed funds so I will have your name, address and e-mail as well as how many shares you have purchased before I get your request for seed. When you order your seed shares, please request the seeds that you would like us to send at the same time or shortly after you purchase Seed Shares. 
You can also send cash, money order or check made out to Ken Ettlinger with your list of seeds to Long Island Seed Project, 1372 Flanders Road, Flanders, NY 11901.

Cost of  Seed Shares includes postage to any address and packing.  Your donations help us do what we do.  For our friends overseas the seed shares are in US$ (no extra postage), please be advised that our seed may be blocked by certain import and export laws and other kinds of "red tape" beyond our control.

Plant Breeders...We Enjoy hearing about your work:
If you have seed of varieties that you have developed through conventional breeding and selection or hand crafting and that you would like to share, we would be pleased to list those on our website seed list.  We know there are many farmers and backyard breeders doing what we do and would be pleased to showcase your work and get news of your developments out to others.  It doesn't require very much seed to participate. Contact us.

We Are Slow Most of the Time:
The Long Island Seed Project staff are friends and volunteers.  There aren't any paid salaries.  That means we all have other jobs.  As a result, don't expect the efficiency of a big seed company.  We're not. 

Thank You:
We appreciate your contributions to the Long Island Seed Project and the purchase of seedshares which allows us to continue to maintain our breeding and seed gardens and conduct research in developing regional varieties for the organic farming community.

Last Modified:  Dec., 2008