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Edible Gourds

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Edible Gourds:  Cucurbita pepo

The Edible Pepo Gourds

2007 Mix of Edible Gourds

It's hard to figure this odd group of pepo squash.  Where do they belong?  They can be eaten as summer squash when young and some of them have outstanding squash flavor and texture for summer eating  They can also be baked as an acorn squash when they are fully mature in the fall.  At that time their soft tender skin becomes tough and gourd-like.  This group is also long lasting.  They matured in July (as a summer squash) in September (as a fall squash) and were still in great shape as decorative squash (gourds) for Thanksgiving.

1. Dark Wings                                                      2. Warty Striped Pear
2. Dark Green Pumpkin                                       3. Round Gold

4. Round Moss Green                                             5. Oval Green Stripe
6. Orange Stripe Pumpkin                                       7. Little Orange Stripe Pear
8.  Big Orange Stripe Pear                                    9. 2006 Mix

I do marvel at conventional gourd mixtures.  The tiny decorative ones.  With our breeding lines from FBF,  at least with these odd shapes and cool colors and patterns there is also good eating and never a bitter taste.  Our mistake is that these are big, maybe too big for the gourd market.  Call them pumpkins then.  We have selfed and saved seeds from all the squash pictured.  While these are the F2 and F3 parents of seed we make available, they are still a long way from being stabilized.  Most are summer squash / acorn crosses.  Expect variability.

Last Modified:  November, 2007